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Hyeyung Sol Yoon is a co-founder and director of Open Space Music



Open Space Music envisions a space where the boundaries between groups of people, including artists and audience, fade away inspiring creative freedom. 


We create a village of multiethnic and multicultural group of people, where Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ voices and cultures, in particular, will be lifted through presence in programming and community. 

We recognize that climate change is the biggest threat to our culture and commit to spreading awareness and changing the mindset and lifestyles of our global community. 

We emphasize quality over quantity and develop deep relationships with artists and audiences through residencies and events with the same cohort of artists and audiences over a longer time period. 

We create events where artists and audience members can share through call and response, improvisation, and participation with movements, words, and sounds. 

We commit to presenting multi-layered music that tells nuanced stories and can be experienced from multiple angles.

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