• Hyeyung Yoon

Desert is Something We Choose | Madang: A Creative Journey, Part 2

Mano del Desierto de Atacama

Here is part 2 of a documentary that Andrew Wentz produced. It shares the journey that dancer Hyewon Hwang, composer Greg Simon, and I took together to explore movement, sounds, and our identities. Greg's mother is Chilean, Hyewon is Korean and moved to the states when she was an adult, and I grew up mostly in the U.S. but was born in Korea. We're asking a lot of questions about what our identities mean to us as we're trying to find our true creative home in the United States. The Atacama desert is one of the driest places in the world and is located in Chile, and Greg wrote this powerful solo violin piece that is inspired by this relentlessly beautiful place.

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