• Hyeyung Yoon

Something Less Serious | Madang: A Creative Journey, Part 3

I listened to a lot of k-pop when I was younger. Back then, it was Seo Taiji and Boys, H.O.T., D.J. Doc. I stopped listening after high school and wasn't even aware of its existence until Psy came out with his worldwide hit, Oppan Gangnam Style. Now it seems like EVERYBODY is aware of it. In this collaborative piece with Korean dancer Hyewon Hwang, I wanted to explore how laughing sounds, rhythm of luggage wheels hitting tiles, and k-pop dance beats could come together. We imagined an interactive environment where the music, laughing, and dancing were a communal experience with audience members. Enjoy this video that Andrew Wentz recorded and produced!

Also, if you have more time, check out this podcast on the crazy world of K-pop and Korean culture on Radio Lab.

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