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Big announcement - Quartet life is calling

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! I want to share some exciting news. I'll join the Del Sol Quartet as their new violinist in April, succeeding Samuel Weiser. The fam will be packing up, saying our goodbyes to Jersey City/NYC, and moving to the SF/Bay area in the upcoming summer.

The Del Sol, for those who don't already know their work, is an ensemble that has always championed and nurtured diverse composers' voices and created space for immigrant stories through projects like the Angel Island Project. Please find out more about the quartet here. Del Sol's vision, values, and voice reverberate with mine, and I'm grateful to Ben, Charlton, and Kathryn for inviting me to join their journey as artist citizens and to be a part of the incredible Del Sol family.

My partner/husband Gregory Beaver is excited to continue his composition, performance, and computer programming work in the new city. Our children, we hope, will also thrive there. Our oldest, Noori, is a ballerina, and we have discovered that SF is a hub for dance in the U.S.

Please follow the Del Sol by subscribing to their mailing list, and since I'm sans social media these days, I always welcome an email, text, or call to connect with you.

Quartet life is calling again, and I'm thankful! With much love,


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