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May 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Dear friend,

May is AAPI month. I'm thankful that we live in NJ, the second state in the country that has mandated teaching AAPI history at schools, and our two children will be engaging with it in the upcoming school year. If you haven't seen it yet, PBS is streaming Asian Americansthis month, the first PBS documentary on the subject which premiered in 2020.

I’m an awardee of the 2022 New Music USA Creator Development Grant which will allow me to work on my project called Uhmuhni with friend and hanji (Korean paper) artist Aimee Lee at her studio in Cleveland in the fall. The inspiration for the work is a letter written by a Korean mother in 1795 to her dead 10-month-old daughter.* Our work will traverse the landscapes of Korea in the 1790s, 1950s, post-war period, and post-Hart-Celler Act USA, through the eyes of women who experienced them. Aimee and I will create a collection of visual and sound pieces to be performed by us that process the memories of generations of women before us. Stay tuned for more about the project.

Please check out some music (see below) - recordings of Mathew Fuerst’s Piano Trio (world premiere performed by me, cellist Gregory Beaver, and pianist Soyeon Kate Lee) and Garden of Willis, a piece I composed and recorded for a collaborative project with choreographers/artists Michael Sakamoto and George de la Peña.

There are no words to express the grief and anger after the racially motivated violence that took place in Buffalo, NY. Please share space with me to say the names of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends who were killed. Roberta A. Drury – age 32 Margus D. Morrison – age 52 Andre Mackneil – age 53 Aaron Salter – age 55 Geraldine Talley – age 62 Celestine Chaney – age 65 Heyward Patterson – age 67 Katherine Massey – age 72 Pearl Young – age 77 Ruth Whitfield – age 86 With much gratitude, Hyeyung

*Written by Kim Samuidang and translated into English by Jahyun Kim Haboush in Epistolary Korea: Letters in the Communicative Space of The Choson, 1392-1910

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